1-hr-a-Week Social Media Package

  •  3 Facebook posts

    • Thursday and Friday are best.

    • Post between 9 am - 7 pm (1 pm and 3 pm are best)

  • 4 Tweets

    • 17% higher engagement on weekends and Wednesdays are great too

    • 12 pm, 1pm and 6pm are the best times to tweet

  • 10 Pinterest pins

    • Saturday is the best day to pin

    • 2am - 4am, 8pm - 11pm are the best times to pin

    • Friday at 3pm

  • 10 Instagram posts

    • Anytime is good, with peaks on Monday

    • 3pm - 4pm is peak time

Or choose just one social media platform, and go at it!


Schedule your posts!

We highly recommend scheduling your posts. (Automation is King!!)

Below are the schedulers we use:

  • Facebook has their own scheduler

scripts, email templates, what to look for, terms of agreement-26.jpg


  • For Twitter, you can schedule tweets with Hootsuite (free), and you can also schedule Facebook posts.


  • Pinterest - we love Tailwind (free). The free account allows you to schedule up to 100 posts per month!!


  •  For avid instagrammers, we use Grum. It costs $3.95 a month, but it is the best platform on the market currently. We love this platform, it has a clean interface and is so simple to use.


Other platforms we use:

When you post links within your social platforms, you want to shorten the URL. Bitly is free and does just this. Bitly also shows you how many clicks are made on your link! 


Important Links:


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For the Artist:

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