Creative Entrepreneur Packet

Why.  What.  Where.  How.


I. Where to find artists and designers

II. Who/what are you looking for? (5 questions to ask)

III. How to approach artists and designers

IV. How to work with artists and designers to select creative products for your store

V. Uploading artwork & designs to your store 

VI. Rules and Guidelines



I. Where to find artists and designers

Searching In-Person: The best way to find great, creative talent is to have fun and attend art shows, museum stores, galleries, festivals, design conferences, artwalks, and art events in your city or town!! Really. Also, local stores are great and some will sell local artwork and designs. If the artist is not present, bring a pen and paper or take notes on your phone and write down the name of the artist and any available contact information. 

* NOTE: You want to work directly with the artist and not with someone that is also selling the artist's work. Even though your store is online, some store owners or galleries may see you as competition.  

Searching Online: Searching for artists to add to your store online is a great and inspiring way to find artistic talent. Etsy has troves of amazingly talented artists that would love to have you get their work out there - the sky is the limit.

Also, shop your favorite online stores - who are the artists/designers that grab your attention, that you love? Do they qualify for your store (see II)? Once you have a list of designers, you will want to put their brand name into the Art Urbane Search box to make sure they are not already represented. Then, search their name online and find their contact information. 

*NOTE: You do not want to contact another online store or gallery selling their work. You are their competition. :) 



II. Who/what are you looking for? (5 questions to ask)

Does the artwork qualify to be on your store? 

1. Does the item showcase excellent craftmanship or artistic talent?

Art Urbane doesn't aim to sell everything under the sun. We are highly particular about the quality of fine art and design we sell, and although we are open to all mediums of art and design, craftsmanship and design/artistic concept is important and must be present. As a Creative Entrepreneur, you are valued for your creative eye. Our job is to make sure all items on Art Urbane have the same consistency in terms of quality and talent to maintain a curated, creative online presence in a sea of mediocrity. 

Note: Art Urbane does work with artists that make designs on demand, like the crafted wood furniture by Brian Fireman

2. Is the item categoriezed as fine art, furniture, decor or a fashion accessory?

Art Urbane does not support beauty products, fashion clothing, or any food items. This is due to the nature of Art Urbane as art for art, and the nature of the dropshipping model. 

3. Do they have professioanl images of their artwork?

The artist must have professial images of their artwork - this is highly important to maintain the quality of your store. Art Urbane may remove any product that does not meet photography standards. 

4. Is the item a seasonal item or is it made year-round?

Art Urbane recommends that products are made year-round - the inventory updates and up-keep will be far less than products that are seasonal. 

5. Does the artist or designer appear professional and trustworthy? 

It is important that the artist is professional. Will they deliver on time to the buyer? Do you feel they would make a good business partner for you? 



III. How to approach artists and designers?

As a Creative Entreprenuer, you want to present yourself in the best light and know the terms of working with Art Urbane to answer questions. We make the latter easy for you and provide talking and email scripts that contain all the information you need to begin and finalize the working relationship with the artist or designer. We also provide easy-to-follow instructions for the artist to agree to the Artist Terms of Agreement, which is a legal contract that protects you and the artist in case of any legal disputes and holds the artist responsible for fulfilling orders to your buyers. 

a. In-person, phone or email introduction scripts

b. Email scripts that contains terms and a link to the Artist Terms of Agreement

If there is a question you have that we have not answered in the scripts, please contact, and we will reply within 24 hours. 



IV. How to work with artists & designers to select creative products for your store

After the artist has agreed to the Artist Terms of Agreement, it is time to select the products you will sell on your store. 

a. Email or call the artist and communicate the following, or follow this script.  

1. Tell the artist the items you would like to sell on your store and/or ask the artists which items they think would be best. (Make sure the items have quality photographs) 

Important to ask the artist: When you receive an order for your products, how long will it take you to ship the product? (Some artists make product on demand, and that is fine, so long as you include in your product description the amount of time until the buyer receives the product from the date it is ordered.)

- Ask the artist if the product is made seasonally or year-round. It will be easier for you to sell items that are made year-round. 

2. Ask the artist if their website contains the best product images, product content and artist biography for you to use in your store. If they do not, request the artist email you the missing information. 



V. Uploading artwork & designs to your store

Watch this video to learn how to create and upload new products



VI. Rules and guidelines

Art Urbane upholds the right to refuse publication of any artwork or design. We are committed to keeping all creative products on Art Urbane aligned with other items of the same consistency in style and artistry. Art Urbane upholds the right to cancel Creative Entrepreneur memberships to Art Urbane if there are continued style differences in creative products.

As a Creative Entrepreneur, you are responsible for making sure the designs and artwork in your store are readily available to be made upon an order or shipped by the artist. 

Art Urbane will work with you to make sure the quality of your product is in line with the store as a whole and remind you to update your inventory. If the Creative Entrepreneur fails to meet the guidelines of Art Urbane after Art Urbane's third attempt to ramify the situation, then Art Urbane may elect to cancel membership. 


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