Welcome! An Art Urbane representative has found your work and believes its aesthetic quality would greatly compliment our curated marketplace. 

To learn more about the benefits of Art Urbane, please visit here.  Below are terms of how we operate and the steps to move forward. 

Thank you for your consideration, we are truly honored.  


How We Operate

  • We operate on a drop-shipping model, where we place an order with you at wholesale when a customer purchases from our site.

  • We work on a 50/50 revenue share model, where we then donate 5% of our revenue to a public art project in the buyers' community.

  • We are not exclusive with artworks or designs. We ask that if an artwork is listed with us and sold out elsewhere, we are notified immediately so we can update our system.

  • We work with artists that make originals upon order. If there is a lead-time for production that is fine as long as we know so to mediate buyer expectations. We also accept commission requests from customers, if that is in line with your business.

  • We pay for all shipping costs, except packaging. 

  • We offer a 14 day refund policy for damaged artworks only. We will manage everything from fund collection and transfer to paying for refund shipments back to you.

  • We request that prices listed on our website are not listed for less anywhere online. We have no problem with you selling your artworks in other places online.


Steps Moving Forward

Step 1. To join Art Urbane, please fill out the form below to register. 

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Phone *
If only specific works are available or if you would like us to only feature 10 works as an example, please let us know. Please include any website links to available works.
Do we access the content on your website? Do you have a linesheet? Please send any supporting documents, including artist statement and bio, to CreativeTeam@arturbane.com.
Is their a lead time for production?
Please read our Terms of Service, Click Here *


Step 2. Upload your artworks to Art Urbane

If you are working with a representative, they will upload your artworks for you based on the above information. Once the first purchase order is placed with Art Urbane for one of your artworks, we will contact you to set-up an account to transfer funds. 


We are so happy to have you, and we hope to help you grow in your creative endeavors.